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Roof problems are serious. Not only can leaks damage your interior, but repair work can disrupt your day-to-day operations. There's no need to panic when you have a roofing issue. Turn to Gibson Roofing for the commercial roofing repair services you need in Rigby, Idaho Falls, Pocatello & Rexburg, ID.

We work on all kinds of roofs, including metal, shingle and membrane roofing systems. You can rely on our team to diagnose the problem and get it fixed as quickly as possible. We don't cut corners, so you can rest assured that you'll end up with a roof that's sturdy and reliable.

Contact our roofing contractor at 208-970-2640 to schedule repairs.

New roof

3 signs your roof needs

The sooner you fix a roofing issue, the easier the repair work will be. Consider commercial roofing repair services if you notice...

  1. High humidity inside your building or water stains on the walls and ceiling
  2. A roof that's bubbling, sagging or has dislodged or missing flashing
  3. Energy bills that are steadily increasing
Our roofing contractor can inspect your roof and explain your situation. Keep your roof in tiptop shape by calling us today.